Pinterest Introduces Ability To Search For Your Own Pins

Pinterest Introduces Ability To Search For Your Own Pins

Pinterest Introduces Ability To Search For Your Own Pins

Pinterest – the popular online pinboard is slowly rolling out a new feature that will let users be able to search for their own pins.

According to a blog post by Hui Xu, Software Engineer at Pinterest:

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When you type a word into the search bar — like San Francisco, beaches or BBQ — you can filter results by clicking “Just my pins”. We’ll show you everything you’ve pinned with that keyword in the pin description. Be sure to add words in your descriptions that will help you find that pin again.

Once this feature rolls out to everyone, you can search for your own pins. It’s hard to imagine why Pinterest didn’t have this feature yet. Well, as they say, better late than never.

Pinterest Rolling Out The Feature To The Web Now

Pinterest says that they are rolling out the feature to the web now, and they’ll bring it soon to mobile.

Now, the next time you want to find your favorite recipe, you won’t need to browse your entire recipe board. Just enter a few words, select “Just my pins” and voila, the results are here. Even though this update to search feature might seem to be small, it is a welcome addition for many – especially for those who have hundreds of pins in their pinboards.

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