Facebook Inc (FB) And Twitter Provoke Narcissism: Study

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According to a new study done by the University of Michigan, how people use social media like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter reveals the level of narcissism in an individual.  The study revealed the effect of social media on an increasing trend of narcissism in the United States, says a report from Dailymail.

Facebook Inc (FB) And Twitter Provoke Narcissism: Study

Findings Of The Study For Facebook And Twitter

Middle age users go to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to get support from their friends and peers on the site, and younger users go on Twitter because they consider their views and opinions to be more important than others’ and have more value, according to Elliot Panek, one of the three scientists who did the research.

About middle-aged Facebook users, Panek said that: ‘It’s about curating your own image, how you are seen and also checking on how others respond to this image.”

The study says that the middle-aged users are more inclined towards Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) because they have created their social image and they want to gain approval from the friends, colleagues and all those who are in their social circles. Younger people are attracted by Twitter because it acts as a dominant source through which they can state or echo their opinions.

According to Panek, the younger users want to reflect their opinions and views about various topics and also want to enhance their social circles, and so they are inclined towards Twitter.

Data Collection

A total of 486 college undergraduates were included in the research, and their social media activity was closely monitored to find out the increase in the level of the narcissism with the increased use of these sites.

The users incorporated in the research were aged 19 on average and took various personality tests that measured the type of narcissism along with exhibitionism, self-sufficiency and authority. These users also made a chart of their social media use.

The second group was formed of 93 adults with an average age of 35, and they had to complete an online survey. The results revealed that the use of social media is done by both groups in different ways in order to enhance their self esteem.

The study, however, did not reveal the effect of narcissism on the increased use of social media or the other way round.

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