Sony PS4 Video Out Ahead of Xbox Launch

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is all set to unveil its next generation console, which will probably be titled the Xbox something, tomorrow, but Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) seems unable to let the company have all the publicity. A new video from the Japanese console giant gives a new look at its upcoming Playstation 4.

Sony PS4 Video Out Ahead of Xbox Launch

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) announced its latest console at an event in New York back in February. The biggest source of consternation for fans of the company’s gaming line up was the lack of a picture of the console itself. Sony showed the controller, and demonstrated some games, but kept the actual box hidden.

The new video gives consumers a clearer image of the next console, but it is only marginally so. The thirty second video shows a blurry image of what appears to be the new console, spliced with what appear to be tight close ups on some of its features. there’s still little detail for Sony lovers to glean from the advertisement.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will unveil its new console at a press conference tomorrow, though it has not been definitively stated whether or not the company will give the public an image of the console. At launches, showing the hardware tends to be the norm, while the Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) mystery theater approach is a more experimental approach.

The console wars, so far at least, have rarely centered around what each console looks like. In smartphones and MP3 players, as well as televisions and laptops, the look of the machine can make a real difference to sales numbers. That beast doesn’t seem to have raised its head quite yet, though it might make itself prominent in this console generation.

The big event in the gaming calendar is E3. That Expo will begin on June 11, and it is likely to see more information about the two new consoles be released. The Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) launch on Tuesday will give fans a heads up about the new hardware and the new software, as well as some new information on the most important aspect of the console, games.

Hardware is a great focal point for the games industry, and new releases are sure to drive sales up from their current end generation malaise, but games are what really matter to gamers. Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) can release all of the blurry videos it wants, without the games it will not prosper.