London Broker Talk Causes Outrage

Okay, I’ve heard worse. As banking scandals go this is almost nothing, unless you ask a woman. No matter what posh school any of those in the following transcripts attended, it’s just dirty. It’s also a despicable display of texting given auto-correct and the positions they held.

London Broker Talk Causes Outrage

Is it worse than sub-prime mortgages and the present belief that not only are some banks “too big to fail” but also “too big to jail?” Probably not.

British regulators unearthed the transcripts as part of an investigation into whether brokers at Tradition Financial Services provided illegal kickbacks to win business from traders, according to people familiar with the case. No matter what comes of the investigation, it unearthed some debauched misogynous conversations between idiots.

This is almost difficult to type, given the grammar and spelling…but, hey, I didn’t send it.

In a July 2009 exchange, a Tradition broker is chatting with a trader at a major U.S. bank, recounting a rowdy night out with some women. “they really like u .. say u r a super nice guy,” the broker writes to the trader. Then the broker adds: “u heard opf the date rape drug? i bought some. i need to gtee success” (The typos are in the original.)

None of the traders named in the report are still with the firm Tradition Financial Services, nor were any of them willing to respond either personally or through their lawyers when the report was released.

When a New York trader asked a Traditional broker about a club in Berlin that describes itself as a “mega-brothel organized as a nude sauna-club,” on its website the following answer was given…..“ive been there abt…hmmm, 200 times? its like the roach motel, once u ck in, u dont check out,” the broker responds.

And lastly, and this one hurts out of my love for Chelsea…..

Broker: still up for tomorrow mate?
Trader: in cznary wharf? [Canary Wharf, a major London financial district]
Broker: yep
Trader: I have just been asked to Chelsea Juventus [a Champions League soccer match taking place in London]
Broker: such a h0mo
Trader: what are you doing and with who?
Broker: lots of 16 year old fit women in next to nothing
Broker: but you got chelsea
Broker: Zzzzzzzzz
Trader: eh?
Trader: what on earth ar eyou going to?
Trader: you just told me you were going to a drink in canary wharf
Broker: we are
Broker: but ive hired some ladies
Trader: you are crazy
Trader: what time and where?
Broker: you got football
Trader: yeh, at 8pm!

No surprise there are pigs in the world, just surprising to see them texting with cloven hooves.