Jeff Pintar: Brave New World in Residential Real Estate Investing

Jeff Pintar presenting: “Brave New World in Residential Real Estate Investing” at the 8th Annual Value Investing Congress.

Jeff Pintar: Brave New World in Residential Real Estate Investing

Jeff Pintar of Pintar Investment Company will be tenth at Value Investing Congress, with his presentation titled: “Brave New World in Residential Real Estate Investing.”

Jeff Pintar is the President and founder of Pintar Investment Company, LLC (“PIC”) and Port Street Realty Corporation. The combined firms provide a fully integrated real estate platform with expertise in residential and commercial real estate.

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Jeff Pintar Live Coverage

6:6 PM EST: Pintar comes on stage. He’s talking about his firm, the Pintar Investment Company LLC

6:18 PM EST: Pintar owns 250o residential properties.

6:20 PM EST: Pintar says there’s great opportunities to be had in residential real estate.

6:21 PM EST: The bursting of the real estate bubble created the opportunity in the market.

6:23 PM EST: New home demand spinning up says Pintar. Construction needs to triple in order to keep up.

6:26 PM EST: Pintar looks at “Smile States” Carolinas on top followed by the Southwest, Texas, Florida, California.

6:36 PM EST: Residential home supplies falling, Pintar thinks positive appreciation could be 50% from now in some markets.

Presentation Finished.