Google Updates Gmail For Apple’s iOS

Google Updates Gmail For Apple’s iOS

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) recently updated their Gmail apps for iOS. They enhanced their official app for iPhone and iPad on Monday. This app includes two small features including the opening behavior for Google Maps, YouTube, and internet links.


Updates For Google’s Gmail

According to CNET, “Gmail will spawn the respective native YouTube, Google Maps, or Google Chrome app for iOS to handle it. Formerly, such links were instead handled by the relatively inelegant built-in Gmail browser. For those who don’t want the links to spawn the native apps, you can click the Gmail menu utilizing the button that was marked with three horizontal bars, and simply click the configuration button with the gear icon. And at the bottom of the screen, you can select the button that says “Google Apps” and you will see the option that lets you turn off Chrome, YouTube, or Google Maps.

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The second feature added allows users to log into several Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) accounts so you can log out of one of them. Prior to this change, the app allowed the “all or nothing” approach.

This update should make Gmail and the overall Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) experience more enjoyable. Despite the fact that Apple and Google are big competitors in the smartphone market, it’s important for Google to give Apple users more reasons to utilize their services. It also shows that the company has no intentions of leaving the iEcosystem to the likes of Apple or Facebook.

One of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s key values is their services. Whether it’s their email service, video streaming service, maps application service, or Android apps service, the company is continuing to make necessary strides. Even as some companies try to create their own products to replace Google services, it’s inevitable that Google’s value cannot be underestimated.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) isn’t the only company who’s been recently making updates for iOS devices. A few weeks ago, Yahoo introduced a new email application and weather application for the iPhone and iPad.

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