Former Microsoft Exec To Give US Its First Marijuana Brand


A former Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Executive, Jamen Shively is looking forward to creating the U.S. national marijuana brand. He plans to import cannabis from Mexico in a legal way and will start his business through medical pot dispensaries in the three US states.

Microsoft’s Former Executive’s Plans

Shively has discussed his plans and vision for the future in a news conference held in Seattle. He has defined how the marijuana will be imported from Mexico.

Shively has been the former Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) corporate strategy manager and he is looking forward to establishing his enterprise in Seattle and wants to lead the market in both recreational and medical cannabis, similar to the success of Starbucks.

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Shively is 45 years old and left Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) in 2009 after working for them for six years. He said that he was exploring the possibilities with investors to establish a $10 million start-up company.

Shively and his Mexican Friend

Vincent Fox who is a former President of Mexico joined Shively in the conference. Shively and Vincent Fox have been friends for a long time. Fox has been wanting for long to legalize marijuana. Fox said that he was present there to support Shively. There is no financial interest of Fox in Shively’s potential company.

Fox said that there is no difference between having Jamen here sitting rather than Chapo Guzman. He also said that it would be better to see Shively selling marijuana rather than it being sold by a Mexican drug kingpin. . “This is the story that has begun to be written here.”

Shively is expecting Fox to hold an advisory position in his start-up company according to Reuters.

Marijuana partially acceptable

All over the world the sale and use of marijuana is regarded as illegal. However, some countries in Europe and the Americas do not penalize the possession of marijuana in small quantities. In most of the countries cannabis has been legalized for medical use.

The federal law in the United State prohibits the use, sale and possession of marijuana. However, two states in the United States have made use of recreational marijuana legal and at present 18 states allow it for medical use.

The two states, who for the first time legalized recreational marijuana, after the approval for legalization in November, are Washington and Colorado.

“It’s a giant market in search of a brand,” Shively said. “We would be happy if we get 40 per cent of it worldwide.”

The United Nations report in 2005 established that the global marijuana trade will be valued at $142 billion.

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