Facebook Inc (FB) Can Make You Mad, Clinically Mad [STUDY]

When my doctor adjusts my Prozac levels and I have a little too much to drink, I run the risk of psychotic episodes highlighted by delusions and feelings of loneliness. According to a doctor in Tel Aviv, Israel, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users can now join my ranks by simply spending too much time on Mr. Zuckerberg’s monster.

Facebook Inc (FB) Can Make You Mad, Clinically Mad [STUDY]

Lead researcher Doctor Uri Nitzan of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Shalvata Mental Health Care Centre has just released his findings on a recently concluded study and the results are not rosy for those who become addicted to social networking. What’s frightening is that it can happen to anyone. I mean I exhibited pretty straight forward signs as a child. Setting my neighbor’s garage on fire and torturing animals were fairly strong indicators of a possible psychopathology; now it seems all you need to lose it is a desktop and a mobile device.

“As internet access becomes increasingly widespread, so do related psychopathologies. Computer communications such as Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and chat groups are an important part of this story,” stated Dr. Nitzan.

While the study is fairly comprehensive, I question the size of his sample. Three people, and seemingly not terrifically well adjusted ones, given that they were in therapy at the start of the study.

Dr Nitzan said: “The patients shared some crucial characteristics, including loneliness or vulnerability due to the loss of or separation from a loved one, relative inexperience with technology, and no prior history of psychosis or substance abuse.”

“In each case, a connection was found between the gradual development and exacerbation of psychotic symptoms, including delusions, anxiety, confusion, and intensified use of computer communications.”

“The good news is that all of the patients, who willingly sought out treatment on their own, were able to make a full recovery with proper treatment and care.”

I might add, not getting on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) when you’re lonely to the point of being delusional.

“All of the patients developed psychotic symptoms related to the situation, including delusions regarding the person behind the screen and their connection through the computer.”

“Two patients began to feel vulnerable as a result of sharing private information, and one even experienced tactile hallucinations, believing that the person beyond the screen was physically touching her.”

Now I’m not a doctor nor am I sexist. That said, I have lived in Buenos Aires and my comfortable layman’s diagnosis is simple. It’s not  Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) problems, it’s “Daddy Issues.”

To find out if you have a Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) addiction or to read further on the study, check it out here. The former is at least as accurate as a compatibility quiz in this month’s (or any month’s) issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.