Twitter Is Set To Make a Big Announcement Tomorrow

According to Good Morning America, ABC’s early hour television show, Twitter is set to make a “big announcement” on Thursday.

Good Morning America reveals this information on its Twitter:

So exactly what is Twitter planning to launch? If we’re to guess, then we would be seeing the official launch of Twitter Music. The website of this service went live last week, which currently states “Coming soon.”

Twitter Is Set To Make a Big Announcement Tomorrow

Ryan Seacrest also confirmed the existence of Twitter Music in a tweet where he says that he’s been playing with the app. According to him, the app shows which artists are currently trending, which songs are trending on Twitter and among their friends and users can discover new artists and also shows.


This announcement on TV might seem to be an offbeat place for online social platform, but this is not the first time that Twitter will be announcing major news on TV. Back in September, Twitter debuted its new look for profile on NBC’s Today show.

So what do you think Twitter will be announcing? Any thoughts?