Facebook Home Gets Poor Reviews on Google Play Store

Facebook Home Gets Poor Reviews on Google Play Store

Facebook Home Gets Poor Reviews on Google Play Store

Facebook Home was launched on Google Play Store on Friday, but initially, this app is only compatible with select devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC One X, HTC One X+ and Galaxy Note 2. But just two days after arriving on the Play store, we can notice that the app has received poor reviews by users who have installed the app.

At the time of writing this, the app has got a total of 3,897 reviews, and received an average rating of just 2.4 stars. A total of 1,842 users have left one star rating to the app. For sure, this is not a good sign for the social network.

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Also it’s worth noting that the Facebook Home app is currently available to the US and only for select devices. Facebook, strangely, has took the decision to release the app on Google Play, to a very limited audience – such an audience that owns high end phones.

Only those users who have installed the app are able to leave a review, which means the reviews are from legitimate users who have actually tried out Facebook Home. The bottom line is that a total of 47.26 percent of all reviewers have left one star ratings to the app (the poorest rating that users can ever give).

Many reviewers have problems with the complete new interface that this launcher offers. For example, some users complain about the lack of widgets, lack of security features like password protection, etc.

Here’s what one user named as Lee Milstein has to say:

“Cool way to use Facebook, but with no support for my other widgets, it limits my phone. If I wanted a single company to take over my homescreen appearance, I could use an iPhone”

For Facebook, this is definitely a point of concern. Receiving such poor reviews means a negative impact on Facebook’s latest endeavor. Hope Facebook learns from its mistakes and improves the app over time.

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