Boston Chaos: Two Explosions Reported In City

Two large explosions were reported in Boston this afternoon at the finish line of the city’s Marathon. The source of the explosions is unclear at this time. Reuters reports that the hotel that serves as the  headquarters for the marathon was closed down and nobody was allowed in or out.

Boston Chaos: Two Explosions Reported In City

One eye witness, a Boston Herald reporter named Chris Cassidy, said that there were two explosions, the first of which occurred beyond the finish line of the marathon. Cassidy, who was taking part in the marathon, said that at least a dozen people seemed to be injured in one way or another.

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Some of those present at the finish reported that the explosions were in fact cause by bombs, though there has been no confirmation of the nature of the explosion. According to some eye witness reports several victims were badly injured, including some reports of lost limbs. Emergency crews were reported to be responding on the scene at time of writing.

Fox News was reporting that at least three fatalities had been reported at the site of the explosions.

The situation in Boston is still developing and we’ll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. At this time it is impossible to say with any certainty whether or not this was a purposeful attempt to cause chaos, or an accident of some kind.