Galaxy S4 Launch Nears, S3 Faces Lock Screen Privacy Concerns

Consumers normally take the issue of security very seriously, and no doubt they should, because these days we all live a digital life. Our most important secrets (read: confidential) are hidden in our smartphones and computers, however it seems that big companies are not taking the issue of security seriously. Earlier, an iOS 6.1 bug enabled users to bypass lock code, and now we have a report that anyone can easily bypass the lock screen completely in Samsung Galaxy S3.

This bug was first discovered by Sean McMillan, who noticed that the lock screen of the Galaxy S3 on Android 4.1.2 can be bypassed by using a not-so hard method. Some users are also reporting that the bug can also be replicated on Android 4.1.1.

Galaxy S4 Launch Nears, S3 Faces Lock Screen Privacy Concerns

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Sean was able to bypass the lock screen on three different Galaxy S3’s. This bug is based on the emergency call button, and then clicking on “emergency contacts”. Next, press the home button and then the power button quickly. He notes that it can take quite a few attempts to get this working, but it definitely works.

Now this is something that Samsung doesn’t want, when the release of Samsung’s next flagship phone is near – the Galaxy S4 on March 14. We just hope that Samsung rushes to quickly fix this bug because if not fixed quickly, then it can have harmful effects on one’s privacy. We don’t want someone unlocking our phone without our consent, do we?

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is near, but let’s hope that Samsung focuses their attention to solve this glitch at their earliest, as it means that anyone who can get hold of the mobile can unlock the device, and can access all the files, contacts and more.

Are you able to replicate the issue on your Galaxy S3? Let us know in the comments below.