Email List Update

Email List Update

Some of you may have noticed that we have been ‘pitching’ our email list. There are lots of options for subscribing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (RSS no thanks to google etc.). However, we really want to make a top notch email list. We believe it is the best way to provide you with coverage from the website (Social media experts we spoke with agree). The death of google reader is just an example of how a company can kill a method of delivering information to our readers. Email is slightly different than twitter, RSS, Facebook etc. in that regard.

We have worked to improve the email list. Readers have given us recommendations, we have been busy with unforeseen events and some of the changes are exceedingly difficult to code. However, these changes can be made and the email list is near the top of our priorities. We plan to implement more options and perfect it email. We hope to have them done by the end of April the latest. Feel free to send us suggestions about what you would like us to change info(@) We LOVE constructive criticism as some readers may already know!

We also have made many changes very recently in terms of content and how we operate. We think this will provide us the opportunity to provide better content to everyone. More small changes will be coming and hopefully noticeable. As always feel free to email us at info(@) for any questions, complaints etc.

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