Android App That Secretly Captures Thief’s Picture

When you search on Play Store, you’ll find many security apps for your Android device that can protect your smartphone from virus and other malicious threats. But what if your phone is lost or stolen? That’s where you can use Lookout Security & Antivirus app for Android which offers protection against viruses, loss and theft.

A new feature was recently introduced in this app called Lock Cam that automatically captures a photo from phone’s front-facing camera after making three unsuccessful unlock attempts. The app will trigger the front camera, capture the thief’s image and then sends that photo to your email address that you have added in the settings of this app.

The picture of the thief is taken silently, and the thief will not even know that the picture is being taken. Apart from that, the app also sends the location of the phone, as well as the location history in the email. These details can also be accessed via

Android App That Secretly Captures Thief's Picture

Talking about the device, you’ll need a phone running Android 2.3 or higher, and of course it should be equipped with front facing camera. Also you will need to set a PIN or lock pattern.

Lookout’s Premium service costs $30 per year (or $3 per year) adds extra features such as remote lock and remote wipe. Some other premium features include: blocking dangerous URLs, privacy adviser, protecting pictures and call history and transfering your contacts, pictures and call history directly from

For now, the app does not offer any way to set after how many failed unlock attempts should the app trigger the alert. Many users would like to change this setting from 3 to 2, or might even increase from 3 to 4. Apart from that, if you’re really serious about the security of your smartphone, then you should try this app.

The app is very useful if your phone is stolen, and if that person tries to unlock your phone, then you will get the picture of the thief.

Lookout Security & Antivirus is a free app that can be installed from the Play Store. Get it from below.

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