Samsung Galaxy S Hits 100 Million Sales Milestone


Samsung Galaxy S smartphones have just reached the 100 million sales milestone. The tech company just shared the milestone on Monday morning when they shared a series of photos on their Flickr account. The pictures shown features a group of people holding up phones, each of which has a number and collectively spells out “100,000,000”.

Samsung Galaxy S Hits 100 Million Sales Milestone

As reported by the Associated Press, Samsung sold over 25 million Galaxy S smartphones, 40 million Galaxy S II smartphones, and 41 million Galaxy S III smartphones.

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Samsung’s gain may be Apple’s loss. There are recent reports that the demand for the iPhone 5 has been sluggish and that made their stocks slide a bit. On Sunday, Apple cut their orders for iPhone 5 components like screens for the next quarter. Some are concerned that the interest in the Apple smartphone is waning.

Samsung originally launched their first Galaxy S smartphone a couple of years ago, it quickly became the most popular Android-based smartphone and a major target for Apple. It was the Galaxy S line that helped make Samsung the leading smartphone maker for 2012.  Last year, Samsung also took the crown as top cell phone maker from the once reigning Nokia.

It’s predicted that Samsung will soon release another Galaxy S smartphone in the near future.

Samsung also recently showed some major interest in the budget phone market. They announced an upcoming Galaxy S II Plus which features Android Jelly Bean operating system, 4.3″ WVGA Super AMOLED Plus Display and 8MP rear camera.  There are rumors that Apple has plans to create a budget-friendly iPhone and may debut it later on this year.

The landscape for smartphones has changed and consumers no have more choices. Apple no longer owns the majority of the smartphone market but there is still plenty of room for change.