Google Funds Energy Foundation To Support Intelligent Energy Use

Google Funds Energy Foundation To Support Intelligent Energy Use
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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has announced today that it intends to donate $2.65 million to Energy Foundation, to assist the company’s reform support policy to make more intelligent use of energy in the industry. Previously, Google made a massive investment of $75 million in Green Energy in November last year .

Google Funds Energy Foundation To Support Intelligent Energy Use

Michael Terrell, Senior Policy Counsel, Energy & Sustainability at Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) wrote on a blog post today that use of energy has never really changed over years, while a massive revolution has been witnessed in every other use of technology.

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“We’ve seen big changes in recent years to the way we watch TV, use phones, read and listen to music, yet how we use electricity hasn’t changed much in decades.”

“What if instead of a monthly bill we had access to more real-time and actionable information about our electricity consumption? What if our appliances, air conditioners, and lights adjusted automatically to use energy more efficiently and save money? If we did this in every home it would help improve the reliability of the grid and save billions of dollars.” wrote Terrell in his blog post.

Highlighting the efficient and effective use of electricity to save money, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) aims to support smarter electricity rates, better access to electricity markets, and open data policies to enable consumer to access their own energy data.

Google aims to challenge policies that control electricity distribution, provided that they were written for last century’s grid.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) believes that these policy reforms, when combined with the advance technologies on a large scale, can produce dynamic results in empowering consumers to effectively use energy in their homes, industries and businesses. Googles also explained that the new policy reforms will improve real time management of electricity grid, and is expected to “facilitate more renewable energy all while lowering overall costs.”

The web search giant, which has been investing a lot in the renewable energy business lately, expects change to come from this grant and hopes to see improvements in the energy industry in the coming years.


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