Charming Reddit For Windows 8 Is A Better Way To Browse Reddit

Charming Reddit For Windows 8 Is A Better Way To Browse Reddit

Reddit is one of the popular websites on the Internet that one can spend hours on. The site allows users to share social, entertainment, technical, political and other opinions with other users by voting up, down and leaving comments. Reddit has become a community where people chime in and take part in discussions.

Of course you can just visit and start enjoying the site, but if you are on Windows 8, here’s a better way to browse this site using an application. Charming Reddit, is a Reddit client for Windows 8 with a focus on pictures.

Install this application on your Windows 8 based system, and launch the app. By default, you will be taken to /r/pics/ subreddit. The interface of this app will resemble that of some gallery app and you’ll be able to see the thumbnail images, descriptions, total number of comments and total number of up and down votes. To browse to other sections, you can click on other subreddits from the top bar.

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Charming Reddit For Windows 8 Is A Better Way To Browse Reddit

When you click on an image, it opens in full screen. From here, you can vote up, vote down, read the comments posted by other users and share the image. Note that you won’t be able to add a reply with this app, but you can only view comments. I hope this functionality gets added in future versions.

When you click on “Share” you are taken to Windows 8 Share Charm bar. You also have the option to sort the content based on different criteria. For example: what’s hot, top scoring, what’s new, etc.

To vote, you’ll need to be signed in to Reddit. You can do this from the Settings Charm by entering your username and password.

Charming Reddit works on Windows RT, as well as on Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If you spend hours on Reddit, then you should give it a try.

Download Charming Reddit from Windows Store

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