Windows 8 PC Sales Below Microsoft’s Internal Projections [REPORT]

Windows 8 PC Sales Below Microsoft’s Internal Projections [REPORT]
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Windows 8 PC Sales Below Microsoft's Internal Projections [REPORT]

Microsoft’s Windows 8 was released to the masses some three weeks back, but it’s not clear how this new operating system was received by consumers and businesses. Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott has some interesting reports regarding the Redmond company’s new operating system. Thurrott, citing “most trusted sources at Microsoft” states that the sales of Windows 8 PC has been below Microsoft’s internal projections. Microsoft blames the slow start on the PC makers “inability to deliver”.

Thurrott has listed other reasons too. He says that Windows 8 itself is confusing because of its mix interface of touch and a standard desktop. The interface is built for touch, whether you like it or not. Customers don’t have any choice to choose the UI they want, and this makes Windows 8 “confounding to users”.

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He further says that “Microsoft launched Windows 8 at a time of great economic uncertainty and midstream in business deployment of the product’s predecessor, Windows 7.” Businesses are not going to deploy Windows 8 in great numbers, and consumers too, nowadays have plenty of choices these days, like an iPad or other tablet. Consumers may think that they don’t need the computer and “opt out of Windows going forward”.

Last month, Ballmer said that the company sold 4 million copies in just a few days since the launch. This seems to be a big figure but overall it can be said that the sales of Windows 8 PC are disappointing. Many businesses and consumers are comfortable with their Windows 7 or earlier hardware and they may not upgrade to a new PC.

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