The Best Cyber Monday Deal is Here, Expires 11/27 11:59AM EST

The best Cyber Monday deal is right here. We are offering 35% off of a one year subscription to Valuewalk Premium. Readers receive three investment ideas a month, for a price of $129 (normally $199 a year), that comes out to less than $4 an idea.  Charlie Munger states, ”investing is where you find a few great companies and then sit on your a$$.” All you need is a few good ideas to produce great returns.

We focus on stocks which have little to no sell side coverage, or coverage in closed forums like VIC or SumZero. That is what we feel makes our product and offer extremely unique.

Existing members can sign up as well to upgrade their membership or email us at info(at)

Further details can be found at the following link, ValueWalk Premium Details and FAQs, or email us at info(@)

This deal originally expired at 11:59PM EST on Monday, November 26th, so act quickly! Since we have some people on the West coast, we will end this Tuesday (11/27) at 11:59AM EST.