Rail Traffic Continues To Grow In The Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Total N. American rail traffic came in at 702k cars last week maintaining current levels for the past 4 weeks (not an unusual pattern). This report is pre-Sandy, so I would expect the numbers for the next few weeks to be wholly inaccurate for YOY comps. Again, if we adjust for the decrease in coal traffic, we have YOY growth in volumes. I have not heard reports on rail conditions yet, but given the widespread flooding we have seen, I think it is more than likely that we have some damage out there and that it will effect volumes over the next few weeks. Even road or warehouse damage at ports will affect rail traffic. More when I hear anything

That being said, last week’s #’s do show an economy that continues to grow, albeit at a slow pace. This is backed by today’s ISM report and initial claims numbers.

Here is the chart:
Capture647 575x420 Rail Traffic Remains Elevated

By: valueplays