Save Webpages For Offline Reading With Pocket App For Android & iOS

The web is full of useful and interesting information that never ends. If you love reading articles on the web, then it may happen that many times you stumble upon interesting articles but you simply have to close the browser tab because you don’t have the time to read it. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem and if you have an iPhone or Android, then there’s an app called Pocket just for this purpose.

Pocket (which was formerly known as Read It Later) lets you save the webpage, photos, videos and more so that later on, when you are not connected to the internet, you can read it without any problem.

Save Webpages For Offline Reading With Pocket App For Android & iOS

After installing Pocket, you will need to register. Once registered, you can then start saving articles. Articles can be saved in many ways. Suppose you are on a Desktop computer and you want to save an article in Pocket. For this purpose, you can use a Chrome extension, install the bookmarklet (which is by far the easiest way to Pocket something) in your browser or get Pocket for Mac. The plus point of using the bookmarklet is that you can use this method on any browser, as you have to simply drop the bookmarklet on your browsers bookmark bar.

One other method to add items to your queue is by emailing any link by sending it to Of course you will need to send an email from the same email address that you have registered on Pocket.

After you have added items to your Pocket, it’s time to view them. This can be done by using the Pocket app on your mobile device which is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire.

Once an item is in your Pocket, it’s on your phone, tablet or computer. Also the articles are displayed in an easy-to-view layout.

Pocket is integrated into over 293 applications across many platforms. On many apps, you may have already seen this Pocket button so that you can add articles to your read it later queue.

Pocket app is available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. There’s also a Chrome extension available, a bookmarklet and Pocket for Mac available.

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