Pinside Let’s You Create Shareable Sticky Notes On The Web

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Windows 7 comes with Sticky notes that many people regular use to keep a track of tasks and to-do’s. But the problem with this in-built app is that it doesn’t remains synced online and the notes cannot be shared online. Here is an online tool that let’s you to create sticky notes that can be shared with your friends and family.

Pinside is a free web service that can create sticky notes on the web. It is an online pinboard (not to confuse this with Pinterest) for you and your friends or family. Visit the website and sign-up. Once you sign-up, you can create a new board. A board is a collection of your notes and you can create as many boards as you want. Now you can start creating a new note by clicking on “New note” from the top bar.

Pinside Let's You Create Shareable Sticky Notes On The Web

Add as many sticky notes as you like and then you can also drag and drop to change their position. With each note, you can specify an image URL. Click on “More” to make the selected board as public or start adding members by specifying their email address. All the members that you add can create a new note and it will be visible to all the members of the board.

The interface is very simple and lets you quickly create notes. The sign-up process is also a breeze.

If you are searching for a place where your friends and family can gather and create sticky notes online, then this is what you should try out.

Check out Pinside.

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