Nokia Lumia’s Camera & Maps App Are Stronger Than HTC Windows Phone 8x

Nokia Lumia’s Camera & Maps App Are Stronger Than HTC Windows Phone 8x
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Chris Weber, marketing head of Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK)’s told Sascha Segan of that the company’s new Lumia phones are distinct from other smartphones in five areas, during the  Windows Phone 8 launching in San Francisco.

According to Weber, Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) added its “secret sauce” in the imaging, wireless charging, screen, location, and music capabilities of the Lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia's Camera &amp; Maps App Are Stronger Than HTC Windows Phone 8x

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Segan cited that phone retailers highlight the imaging power of the Lumia phones. He tested the camera features of Lumia 920 by capturing a photograph of a cardboard box with very dim light inside. According to him, Lumia 920 captured a distinctly brighter low light image than his HTC 8X Phone.

During the event, Weber boasted the exclusive camera apps of the Lumia phones, including the Cinemagraph, which allows users to be creative by combining still photographs and video to make animated-like GIFs. Weber emphasized, “Our ambitions are to bring more and more of that technology to the Windows Phone platform.”

Weber cited that aside from the imaging power of the Lumia phones, the wireless charging emerged as the number one feature recommended by consumers. He said, “I found that a shock, as wireless charging is one of those technologies, which has been failing to take off for years.”

According to him, 70 per cent of people pre-ordered, or ordered, wireless charging in the one of the countries that was pre-selling the Lumia phones. Weber said, Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) is “working with partners to bring unique bundles around wireless charging.”

In addition, Weber also touted Nokia’s mapping application. He said, “That will be a towering strength of ours, not only the points of interest and data, but the number of countries and languages we’re in.”

Segan commented that Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK)’s global mapping database is definitely larger than that of the HTC Corp (TPE:2498) Windows Phone 8X. He tested the mapping application in both devices by searching for restaurants in Spain or Canada. According to him, the HTC Windows Phone 8X showed limited results.

According to Weber, Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) is willing to license the Nokia Drive turn-by-turn driving app to other interested parties.

With regards to the keypad features, Weber said, “A lot of the feedback we’ve gotten shows the trend of how much people are moving to soft keyboards, and the biggest carriers in the US all tell us that the Windows Phone keyboard is by far the best keyboard out there. That’s where we need to focus; we have to make people aware of how good the soft keyboard is in Windows.”

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