Dropbox For Android Lets You Auto Upload, Sync & Save Photos

Backing up of files is very important and there should always be a plan B. As we know, Dropbox not only takes backup of files, but it also syncs the files on every device it is connected to. The Dropbox for Android app can be used to automatically upload photo captures and screenshots to Dropbox. Let’s take a closer look at how this can be done.

Dropbox For Android Lets You Auto Upload, Sync & Save Photos

Install Dropbox for Android on your smartphone and login with your Dropbox credentials. If you don’t have an account on Dropbox, then you can create one. Once logged-in, a wizard should guide you through the initial configuration of the app.

Those who have limited bandwidth available on their phones can choose to upload photos and videos using “Wi-Fi only” method. Also users can checkmark to “Upload existing photos and videos” to upload all existing photos and videos to the cloud. These photos and videos can then be accessed on all other devices connected through the same Dropbpox account.

Dropbox For Android Lets You Auto Upload, Sync & Save Photos

Once configured properly, then photos and screenshots that you take on your phone are automatically uploaded to the Camera uploads folder of your Dropbox account.

If you do not want to automatically upload photos, then you can disable it and then choose to upload photos manually. Go to Settings and from there you can turn off automatic photo uploads by tapping on “Turn off Camera Upload”.

Once uploaded, these photos are then available to all devices and also by opening the Dropbox site on the internet.

Those who are on Android platform and are serious about photo backups, they should definitely try out this method. Go ahead, backup your photos on the internet using this method.