iPhone 5 May Come With New Earphones

iPhone 5 May Come With New Earphones
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Till now we’ve been getting reports about the iPhone 5 itself, but now we have an interesting report about the not-so famous earphones that comes bundled with the iPhone. The new report suggests that the earphones of iPhone 5 will be redesigned.

iPhone 5 May Come With New Earphones

This news comes from a Vietnamese website Tinhte, which has posted photos and videos that reveals the new earphones. This new video easily shows the aesthetics of the new earphones and they are likely to fit better compared to the current ones.

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Many people have critisized the existing Apple earbuds that don’t fit too well in the ear and also don’t perform as per the expectations. The estimated cost of these earbuds is roughly $30. Looking at such criticism, Apple may address these issues with the new earbuds.

Since the launch of the first generation of iPhone in 2007, the earphones have received little to no changes and have been mostly ignored by the company. Because of this many people end up purchasing third-party headphones that sounds better than the Apple bundled ones.

Tinhte claims that these headphones are manufactured at a Vietnamese Foxconn plant, and they cable on the headphones read as “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in Vietnam.” Tinhte further adds that they look like “fully integrated single unit” and the white design is a reminiscent of Apple’s “unibody” construction process.

Finally, will iPhone users be getting better sounding headphones? Well, now that there are less than 2 weeks, we don’t need to wait longer to find out about it.

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