Backup and Restore Windows 8 OS & Programs With RecImg Manager

Backup and Restore Windows 8 OS & Programs With RecImg Manager

Backing up the OS and programs is very important, as the operating system can become corrupted by malware or system errors. Windows 8 OS comes with two new features for those who want the system to recover from such errors or malware attacks. These features are Refresh and Reset. The Reset feature can help you reinstall Windows to its factory settings without forcing the user to go through the long setup process, and the Refresh feature can backup metro apps and files. But now, here is a third-party offering for Windows 8 users that can backup and restore the OS, without going through a long and painful process.

RecImg Manager is a Windows 8 program that can not only backup and restore the operating system, but can also backup the installed metro and desktop applications.

After installing this program, you can see its simple interface. The two buttons that will get your attention are the “Backup” and “Restore”. All the magic of this program lies in these two important buttons. You can manually create a new backup, or can even schedule the creation of snapshots.

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Backup and Restore Windows 8 OS & Programs With RecImg Manager

The Settings icon on the upper right side allows you to configure the number of snapshots that you want to have available at the same time. From here, you can also configure the scheduler to automate the backup process.

Click on the Backup button to start the backup process. The program will display the space requirements, or you can also select a backup location, as per your convenience. Select a location, add snapshot name and details, and hit the “Start Backup” button. This process will backup all the applications on the system, plus the complete OS. The backup process can take much time to finish, therefore you must wait for this process to complete.

When you want to restore the previously created backup, simply click on “Restore”, and select the available snapshots (or restore points) and click on the “Restore” button. You can also see the System Reset feature of Windows 8 from this window.

RecImg Manager is a minimalist backup program that works great. It doesn’t comes with any bells and whistles, but it still performs its job pretty well. It is an easy to use solution that can easily backup and restore Windows 8, minus the complicated process to do it.

RecImg Manager is a freeware program. Download it from the official website.

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