New Photos Of iPhone 5 Parts Reveal Upgrades To Apple’s Latest Phone

New Photos Of iPhone 5 Parts Reveal Upgrades To Apple's Latest Phone
Source: Pixabay

We’ve got more reports and images regarding iPhone 5.  The new photos have been published on French tech blog and the purported images show the nano-SIM tray, home button, and  internal sensors.  We’ve seen similar photos of purported iPhone 5 parts, but we have yet to hear a confirmation regarding such product.  It is rumored that Apple will introduce the sixth generation smartphone on September 12, and launch the actual handset on September 21.

It’s also rumored that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE connectivity, 1GB of RAM, and NFC.

With all these rumors about the iPhone 5 are essentially reporting the same things over and over again, it makes us wonder what others think about all of this.

Henry Blodget from Business Insider admits he’s getting a little impatient while waiting for the sixth generation iPhone. In a recent blog post, he said that he was first put-off at Apple’s release of the iPhone 4S last year, as he was hoping they would release iPhone 5 instead. He also admits that he’s a little disheartened that Apple isn’t really going to increase their screen size and change their power cord. Like many other Apple fans patiently waiting for the next product, he’s hoping that these reports aren’t true.

His sentiment isn’t surprising as it echoes what I’ve mentioned before in previous stories.  If Apple is going to stay in the competitive smartphone market, they have got to renew their interest in the iPhone. This shouldn’t be hard for them to do, after all, they did set the standard with the iPhone, so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

There is a good chance some or all of the rumors involving the iPhone are true, but I doubt that is all they’ve got planned.