How To Make ‘Most Recent’ As A Default View On Facebook Timeline

How To Make ‘Most Recent’ As A Default View On Facebook Timeline

The Facebook News Feed is where all the fun begins, and Facebook is trying to monetize it. Apart from the Trending Articles and Trending Videos, there’s one more thing that’s annoying and that’s where Facebook fails to remember News Feed sorting preference.

Users have an option to choose from Most Recent or Top Stories. The Most Recent option is very simple to understand, as it will just sort out the News Feed which will display most recent entries at the top. On the other hand, the Top Stories uses some type of algorithm based on lots of factors, like your relationship to the person, comments, likes, what type of story it is, etc. The fact is many people don’t like the Top Stories option.

How To Make 'Most Recent' As A Default View On Facebook Timeline

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Things go from bad to worse when Facebook keeps changing your News Feed to “Top Stories” automatically. Why it doesn’t remember our preference is something hard to answer, but many users have faced this annoying problem and here’s a workaround to tackle this problem.

To open Facebook, you may have added the normal URL in your browser’s bookmark bar, which is But instead of this URL, you need to use this URL:

Just edit your bookmarks to this URL, which will switch back your feed to “Most Recent” everytime you open it. This is the same link that Facebook uses when you switch back to Most Recent sorting option.

We hope that Facebook fixes this bug, but in the mean time, use the above workaround to always open most recent stories at the top of the page.

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