Facebook’s App Center Is Now Available Worldwide

Facebook's App Center Is Now Available Worldwide

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) announced on Wednesday that it has officially rolled out their App Center across the world. The news was confirmed by one of Facebook’s public relations staff members on Twitter.

Facebook’s App Center is where users can access all of their web and mobile based apps, including Pintrest, Words With Friends, Spotify, SongPop, Instagram, and many more.  The App Center also lets users view the most popular apps and apps that their friends use.

Prior to this announcement, Facebook launched the App Center in other non-English speaking countries including France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Taiwan, and Russia.

As with any high-profile internet company, Facebook’s main focus is taking things global. By opening up their App Center to the whole world, everyone can combine their social life with their internet activities. These days, every company and website holds a significant presence on Facebook, and applications make it easier for consumers to interact.

In order to stay on top in the ever evolving technology market, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) must do everything they can to stay relevant. Apple set the standards with popular mobile apps that allow people to connect with others and get things done wherever they are. Most companies jumped on the bandwagon by creating their own versions of apps and app stores, Facebook was no exception.  In an effort to reach more people who primarily use their smartphones to connect with others, spreading the app center throughout the world will make it easier for others to find what they want when they need it.

This move isn’t just beneficial to consumers around the world, it’s also beneficial to Facebook and other businesses. The more people  discover the App Center, the more likely they are to use the apps. The apps take information from personal profiles in hopes to offer on-target advertisements. The more they can peddle out Apps, the more revenue they can potentially make.

Facebook users outside the United States make-up about 81% of their 955 million monthly active users and that number is climbing. Despite the rise, about half their income from last quarter’s revenues come from advertisements geared toward users in the United States. That number could change if Facebook accrues more advertising contracts with companies in other countries. Hopefully, the worldwide launch of the app center will put Facebook back into the eyes of global marketers and propel them further back in the market.