6 Options For Creating A Landing Page For Your Business

6 Options For Creating A Landing Page For Your Business

6 Options For Creating A Landing Page For Your Business

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Landing pages are the new gateways for entering leads into your marketing system. It stands at the very core of lead generation for most businesses that have already embraced the power of Internet marketing. Landing pages are focused, task-oriented, well designed, visually optimized, and thoroughly effective, when it comes to lead generation for businesses with a presence online. But how do small business owners go about creating a landing page? How extensive is the process of getting a landing page developed? Let’s explore:

Get landing Pages developed in-house or through experts

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Custom-created landing pages, right from scratch, are best delivered for your business when created by a professional designer or developer. This option is best suited for businesses that “need” deep customization and integration into their existing web properties. Hiring expert help is easy today thanks to freelance job boards such as Elance, Guru, oDesk, and vworker. Go ahead, put up a brief stating your requirements, have contractors approach you, hire your contractor, and you are done.


Designed to be as social as you want your landing page to be, launchrock.com is the “go-to” service if you are looking for a completely free solution for your “launch page” or pre-launch landing page. Launchrock.com gives you access to a free landing page (you can built it in minutes) and also gives you more options for paid plans, such as launchrock’s announcement bar, user demographics, and sign-up reports, and you might even get featured on their showcase. I wrote a preview on Launchrock earlier that you might find useful.


Touted as one of the most powerful Do-it-Yourself landing page platform, Unbounce.com is currently the favorite of many users. With unbounce.com, you get a WYSWYG editor, 1-click A/B split testing, custom URLs, social sharing, and quick, anytime support. It boasts a huge customer base, ready-to-use landing page templates, and responsive support from full-time, paid staff. Their landing page templates alone are a strong enough reason to use unbounce.com.


Kickofflabs.com is a company with a character. They have a distinct personality, they are a startup, and they are extremely approachable. Kickofflabs.com allows you build custom landing pages for your business. There’s a lot going for kickofflabs.com, so to speak: a full-fledged landing page building solution; social sharing; in-built email marketing; tons of integration options, with several third-party providers (Kiss metrics, Mailchimp, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.); analytics, insights, and reports; and incredibly responsive support.


Although Formstack is not an exclusive “landing page” solution, as are the other companies mentioned here, it still has a lot of merit to make it to the list. Formstack essentially allows you to create forms quickly, brand them, and use for whatever you need your business to achieve success. It has extensive features, such as e-commerce integration, data collection, templates, encryption, analytics, reporting, social sharing, and landing pages (for paid plans).


If you are a die-hard WordPress fan, and if you find that your corporate site also uses WordPress for CMS, you’ll love getpremise.com. It offers you the possibility to build a landing page right into your blog (as a page). Featuring a point-and-click interface for creating your landing pages, it’s the perfect DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tool for beginners, or for technically challenged small business owners who don’t want to deal with any coding, whatsoever. Premise allows you to develop graphically rich, visually appealing landing pages (with copywriting advice thrown in for good measure) without you ever having to touch a piece of code.

It’s clear that there are options galore. The question is: what is your chosen method?

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