iPhone 5 To Have Nano SIM, AT&T Already Testing It

iPhone 5 To Have Nano SIM, AT&T Already Testing It
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iPhone 5 To Have Nano SIM, AT&T Already Testing It
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Just days ago it was reported that cell phone carriers in Europe were stockpiling nano-SIM cards in order to prepare for the upcoming release of Apple’s iPhone 5.

It’s been reported that the sixth generation iPhone will feature very small SIM cards, called nano-SIMs. According to Jonathan S. Geller for BGR, multiple carriers have told them that Apple has been supplying the nano-SIM adapters to ensure that their carriers can test them out on standard devices and find out if they work for them. This, of course, includes the main carrier for Apple smartphones, AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T).

Last Wednesday, BGR also confirmed that the iPhone 5 will feature 1GB of RAM, NFC, and 4G LTE upgrades.

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Another recent rumor regarding the iPhone 5, is that it may not launch until the 4th quarter of this year.  Fran Shammo, Verizon’s Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) CFO, sparked the speculation during his quarterly conference call earlier today, when he made vague reference to one carrier that expects the next iPhone to launch during the 4th quarter. This rumor isn’t really different from the previous rumors that originally speculated that the iPhone 5 wouldn’t launch until October. Last year, the iPhone 4s debuted in stores in October. Of course it’s important to note that a fourth quarter launch could mean that we may not see the phone until November or December, although that’s highly unlikely because I’m sure Apple wants to have their phone out before the holiday shopping season begins.

With all the Apple iPhone 5 rumors circulating the internet, it makes us wonder if this upcoming launch could be bigger than the previous launches, which would be a hard feat to accomplish. We know that Apple always has bigger and better plans, what’s more is,  they’re always keeping us on our toes, so we never really know what to expect. I will admit that I have a slight worry that maybe Apple’s next iPhone won’t live up to it’s expectations, or perhaps people will become bored with buying a new phone every year or so, that’s not really all that different from the previous models, at least in terms of design. That’s why I really hope they make some significant changes to their design aesthetic.

Right now, Apple has it made, and I don’t think that’s going to change for awhile at least. I’m going to put all my bets on Apple successfully pulling off another top selling product.


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