Google Maps Finally Allows UK Users to Navigate Inside Buildings

Google Maps Finally Allows UK Users to Navigate Inside Buildings

Finally, the wait is over. Now UK Android users, too, can navigate their way around inside of buildings, shopping malls, airports, retail stores and public spaces using Google Maps 6.0. The feature was first launched in the US and Japanese market in November last year.

Initially, the indoor maps of only 40 venues including Kings Cross Railway Station and the Barbican Center in London will be made available. More venues will be added soon. It will also let you know what floor you are on and which exit is nearest to you. All you need to do is open Google Maps on your Android smartphone and zoom in to the building you are in. The floor plan will automatically appear on the screen. It also gives 3D view that helps in better understanding of locations inside the buildings.

If you are in a building, the map of which is added to Google Maps, a blue dot in the app will show you where exactly you are. From there you can search the way to another location within the building. Google Maps will give step-by-step instructions on how to reach from A to B, just like it gives instructions for outdoor use.

The number of venues added to Google Maps will grow over time. Building owners can also upload maps and floorplans of their own building to Google Maps.

Customer response in the UK has been encouraging, as they won’t have to worry about getting confused or losing the track in big buildings like airports and shopping malls. It might also be the end of those giant floorplans you see in shopping malls.

The app can be downloaded here, and it works wherever Google Maps is available.