This iPhone 5 Concept Video By A Teen Seems To Be Amazing

This iPhone 5 Concept Video By A Teen Seems To Be Amazing

Whenever we see something revolutionary in technology, we really hope that its going to be real some day. You’ll have the same feeling when you see this iPhone 5 commercial created by a 17-year-old teenager named as Dakota Adney.

This commercial imagines a new iPhone with iOS 6, see-through Retina Display, quad-core chip, smarter Siri and a laser projected keyboard that gives relief to your thumb.

Adney describes the features of the iPhone 5, as he have imagined in the video’s description:

Clearly amazing. The quad-core A5 chip delivers even more power. The laser projection keyboard liberates your thumbs. The new iClear Retina display presents sharp graphics and stunning images. iOS 6 will take your iPhone experience in an entirely new direction. And if there’s anything else you need, just ask Siri.

This 36 second video shows the amazing skills that Adney have got. Being just a high school student, his productions skills are really commendable.

Watch the video from below to see the magic happen. Of course we’re really far from such technology to achieve what this video shows.