Leaked iPhone 5 Metal Backplate Shows Major Design Changes [VIDEO]

Leaked iPhone 5 Metal Backplate Shows Major Design Changes [VIDEO]

The next generation iPhone is one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. Recently a parts re-seller, ETradeSupply, got its hands on the already leaked back plate parts of the upcoming iPhone 5 (that were previously shared by the iPhone repair experts). ETradeSupply posted the video on YouTube that demonstrates major design changes in the new version.


The video clearly shows following major changes in the upcoming iPhone:

  • Overall, it will have a taller design, around 4-inch diagonally. However, its width will be same as iPhone 4 or 4S models
  • The upcoming iPhone will be much thinner than any of its predecessor models
  • The headphone jack has been relocated from top to the bottom of iPhone
  • The Chinese supplier confirmed that the leaked back plate is neither a battery door nor a middle plate. it’s an integrated one piece anchored by an aluminium alloy
  • The dock connector has been redesigned to a smaller size
  • The videographer said that the SIM card holder piece is smaller in size. So the SIM card for the next generation iPhone should be smaller than the MicroSIM card used in iPhone 4 and 4S
  • The Chinese parts supplier confirmed that they have seen two other colors of the back plate. Apple may launch new iPhones in two more colors

Next week Apple should confirm during WWDC that how true the rumors are. All these specifications suggest that the new iPhone will have a different look and design.

What do you think would be new specifications in the iPhone 5? Drop your comments.

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