How to Turn Live Tiles ON and OFF in Windows 8

How to Turn Live Tiles ON and OFF in Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with the new Metro Start screen. With this new Start screen comes live tiles, as you’ve seen in Windows Phone Mango. These live tiles can display latest information from calendar, weather, contacts, email and other apps.

There’s no need to enable live tiles as its enabled by default. You just need to use the app normally as you would. For example, open and configure the weather app. The weather app will ask you to specify your location or it can also automatically detect the location. Now return back to the Start screen and you’ll observe the animating live tile.

Live tiles work great but they are not for everyone. Some people really don’t want all these information right on their start screen, which makes it look crowded. Imagine mail, weather, contacts and all other apps displaying live content as you open the Start screen. Also it may happen that your friend or colleague is right beside you and you don’t want that person to see your precious mails/other information when you open the Start screen. Those who cannot deal with this information overload can just turn off the live tile.

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How to Turn Live Tiles ON and OFF in Windows 8

Turning off or disabling live tile is really very simple. Just right-click on the particular tile that you want to turn off and click on “turn live tile off” from the Apps bar displayed below.

Yes, its this simple. If you think that you don’t need latest information from that app, then just turn that live tile off.

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