How To Read Kindle Books From Other Devices

Kindle is Amazon’s popular and best-selling eBook reader. Thanks to this device, we can now access over 1 million books, newspapers and magazines at our fingertips. Have you ever wanted to read Kindle books from other places? Fortunately, this is possible.

The good guys at Amazon offers various solutions to read Kindle Books from PC, Smartphones and even on Tablets. The best part is that you don’t even need an actual Kindle device to read Kindle books. You can read Kindle books on whichever device you feel comfortable with.

Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader is probably the best way to read Kindle books. You can access your entire Kindle library and read those books, download new books, or even read books offline by using the Kindle Cloud Reader. Kindle Cloud Reader can be accessed from Since this is a web app, all you need to do is to just open this location and you’re ready to enter the the world of Kindle books. There’s no need to install anything.

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When you first launch this web app, you’ll be asked if you want to enable offline reading. If you choose yes, then a browser plugin will be installed that will allow you download the e-book,  then you can read them offline.

When you sign-in to your Amazon account, you can see that your books are automatically synced. Your book library can now be accessed from this web interface.

Below is a screenshot of Kindle Library, from where you can access the downloaded books. Simply click on the book to read them.

How To Read Kindle Books From Other Devices

If you read your books anywhere else, then Cloud Reader will remember all of your bookmarks and notes. It will also open the exact page from where you left off reading. Top menu icons enables you to open the menu, settings, bookmark, notes and synchronize. On both the sides of the page, you can see the arrows that allows you to turn the page – left or right.

If you want to download a book for offline reading, then right-click on the book and click on “Download & Pin Book”.

Overall, Kindle Cloud Reader is a superb app for those want to want to read Kindle books from anywhere. All you need is just a web browser and internet connection.

Mobile Apps, Tablet Apps & Desktop Apps

Kindle is also available for popular smartphone platforms. These apps lets you read Kindle books, right from your mobile device. Just install the app and you are good to go.

Kindle app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry. If you are on a Tablet, then Kindle app can be downloaded for Android Tablet and iPad.

Kindle application is also available for Windows PC and Mac. You can download all these apps from here.

Try out these methods to read Kindle books and you won’t even need the Kindle device.

So what’s your favorite method to read Kindle books? My personal favorite is Kindle Cloud Reader which enables me to access my complete library from anywhere, plus the functionality to read books offline. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.