Here’s What To Expect In Apple’s Next iOS

Here’s What To Expect In Apple’s Next iOS
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Here's What To Expect In Apple's Next iOS

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) mobile operating system iOS 6 is expected to be released soon and is expected to be integrated into the company’s flagship iPhone 5 when it is released later this year. There are a great deal of rumors floating around about the operating system. Here’s our run down of what to expect when you boot up your iPhone 5 for the first time later on in 2012. Several of these rumors are collected from

Facebook Integration: This we’ve reported on before. iOS 6 is likely to see full and deep integration of the social network from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The move is not certain in the details but it is probably going to happen. Analysis of iOS 4 betas revealed that the groundwork for integration was laid there but removed on release. That version had integrated twitter into Apple’s operating system. The move will solidify the war between Apple and Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG). Up until now Apple had not take a side in the war between the biggest social networks.

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Siri For iPad: Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, has been a hit on the iPhone 4s. Users, despite comedic misunderstandings, have found the service to be useful and have embraced the artificial intelligence technology. iOS 6 might see the service come to the iPad for the first time ever. Many were surprised to see no Siri on the new iPad when it was released earlier this year. It looks like that disappointment will be remedied in iOS 6 and users will finally be able to ask questions of their tablet.

Do Not Disturb Notification: A small tweak that we’re very likely to see is the ability to stop notifications from intruding on whatever you’re doing. Notifications can be extremely useful but an option to temporarily turn them off will enhance productivity and usability. The iPhone or iPad will finally be able to be used absent from Twitter  disruption.

iCloud Tabs: This is a feature that may be directly imported form the company’s personal computer OSX software. It will allow users to open up tabs in their Safari Web browser and sync them . This would make users able to view them on their mobile device or computer and switch between the devices without having to find what they were looking at again.

Mail VIPS: This will allow users to sync and use their VIP mailing lists that already form a part of OSX Mountain Lion. This was a much requested feature that Apple have happily implemented. It will surely enhance productivity and leech power away from Google.

iOS 6 is likely to be a reasonably big overhaul of the mobile operating system but there will be key themes in the reinvention. The software will push iCloud above all else and will enhance the functionality of the service. Apple is subtly operating a big push to get users into the service in order to boost the “Halo effect” that causes users to purchase an extra Apple product if they already own one.

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