Apple WWDC: The Shortlist of Possible Products

Apple WWDC: The Shortlist of Possible Products
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Apple WWDC: The Shortlist of Possible Products

In less than twenty four hours, Apple reveal its latest technological developments and enhancements to its product line. Last week, we highlighted some key products that we expect Apple to announce to its customers. Now, we can only wait and see what is unveiled at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

We have also covered in a number of articles, Apple’s latest technological visions, including the Apple TV, Siri, iOS 6 among others. Here, we take a look at possible announcements during this year’s conference and give you an opportunity to opine. It is expected that Apple will make four major announcements:

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First Major Announcement

A Thinner Lighter MacBook Pro: The expectations are quite high for the new product, besides the obvious ones of slickness and lightness. Gizmodo expects the new product, to feature thunderbolt speed, Intel 22-nanometer architecture with 3D transistors, retina display, and HD 7770M graphics among others.

Second Major Announcement

iOS 6: If last year’s conference is anything to go by, then iOS 6 should be one of the major announcements. iOS 5 was predominantly featured during  the prior conference, and we should expect the same, with iOS 6, which is to replace the current iOS 5.

Third Major Announcement

Apple TV: A couple of weeks ago CEO Tim Cook’s conducted an interview with Allthings magazine . He mentioned the company would launch Apple TV. Cook was very optimistic toward this cause, yet discreet. He mentioned that the issues were part and parcel of Apple’s plans. Whether the conference will come too early for this product, only time will tell.

Fourth Major Announcement

Apple 3D Maps: Perhaps this would not have featured anywhere in our minds had Google not made that impromptu invite only show-off last week, but why would Google make that kind of interception? It is true that Apple is working on 3D maps, largely believed to be powered by the new expected iOS 6.


The Intelligent Personal Assistant Software, Siri: This is yet another of the products that Tim Cook mentioned during an interview two weeks ago. He stated that Apple had doubled its effort toward perfecting the product, with expectations for its integration into iPad.

Other contenders include iMacs, Mac Air and Mac Pro enhancements, as well as a new iPhone 5, OS X Mountain lion, which has been on the lab for quite some time now.

Apple is a secretive company, and I would not rule out surprises. We can only wait and see what comes forth during the conference.

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