Windows Phone 8 Concept Displays Start Screen Integrated in a Phone

Windows Phone 8 Concept Displays Start Screen Integrated in a Phone
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Windows Phone 8 Concept Displays Start Screen Integrated in a Phone
Source: Pixabay

According to the reports, Windows Phone Apollo, better known as Windows Phone 8 will be announced at a developer conference in June. There are already many rumors floating around on Windows Phone platform, like it happens everytime when a phone is near to its announce date.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is trying to unify the looks of its platforms and with Windows Phone 8, we will see how closely the user interface (UI) of mobile platform resembles to Windows 8 OS. As we already know that Windows 8 features Metro UI, therefore it would be worth watching to see how closely the new Windows Phone 8 resembles to Windows 8 desktop OS.

No doubt we can say that the phone’s OS is taking the smartphone interface more closer to Windows 8. Amidst all this hype, a DeviantArt user RVanhauwere has designed a concept which features the interface of Windows Phone 8.

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Looking closely at this concept, we can see that it looks like as if Windows 8 Metro Start Screen is integrated in the phone’s OS. This looks as if the Start Screen clearly fits in the phone and ties both the platforms together. Users can swipe left or right to bring up new set of tiles, which is similar to Android’s multiple screen or iPhone’s homescreen. We can call this as a mini version of Metro start screen, built specially for the phone.

This concept indeed looks good but is Microsoft headed this way or are we going to see something new with Windows Phone 8? We’ll need to wait for the answer as of now.

Note that this is just a concept and not the actual or the official interface.

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