Earnings; DLB BODY KFT and EL Gain, As CFN Falters

Earnings; DLB  BODY KFT and EL Gain, As CFN Falters
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Earnings; DLB  BODY KFT and EL Gain, As CFN Falters

 Body Central Corp. (Nasdaq: BODY) released results for its first quarter, and the profits impressed investors, but amazed most analysts, who had predicted prices per share.

Net revenue for the clothing company was placed at $82.7 million, which was an increase of 11.8% from the first quarter results of $74 million for the last year. Furthermore, sales in its stores increased by 12% to reach 70.9 million. Income that was gotten from operations for the store was put at $9.5 million, and this was an increase from the $8.8 million that was gotten in 2011’s first quarter.

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However, shares for the clothing company fell to $ 18.50, a drop of 36%, after Piper Jeffrey and William Blair both cut their stocks. It is this that had most analysts talking since shares had been expected to go up.

Estee Lauder Companies Inc (NYSE:EL). also had a great showing, after its third quarter earnings increased by 5%. The beauty company had strong sales in all its regions, and its largest brands had the best results. In fact, this showing was so good that the CEO for the company, Fabrizio Freda expects the shares to earn 11-16 cents each. Additionally, full year earnings for shares were adjusted from $2.21 to $ 2.26.

In this last quarter, the firm had a profit of $130.4 million, up from $124.7 million.  Its net sales also did well, reaching $2.25 billion. Sales of skin care products increased by around 14% from the previous quarter, and the Clinique and Lauder brands had the best profit margins.

Another company that also had a great showing was Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB) The company beat estimates provided by analysts after its shares surged by more than 20% to close the market at $45.22. This was after it signed an agreement with Microsoft that all its products would be used in all versions of Windows 8 OS.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) said that it would incorporate Dolby Digital’s two channel encoding, and 5.1- channel decoding in Windows 8, and that the giant computer would pay royalties to Dolby for the use of these products. However, this deal will not affect Dolby’s financial outlook for 2012, as Windows 8 will start using the products in 2013.

Kraft Food Inc. (NYSE:KFT) is another company that also performed well as its earnings rose by 1.8%; higher prices in foods, and especially packaged foods, boosted sales, and it is this that led to higher profits. However, increased costs of inputs threatened the profits margins, and its shares also slipped to $39.40, a drop of 0.5%. Its income rose to $183 million, around 46 cents a share, as opposed to last year’s performance of around $799 million. Its total revenue also rose to $13.09 billion, an increase of around 4.1%.

CareFusion Corporation (NYSE:CFN), on the other hand, performed poorly after its earnings for the third quarter fell by 31%. This was attributed to the recent disposal of a divested business. However, the loss was somewhat aided due to growth in various sectors including respiratory, infusion and dispensing segments.

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