Tim Cook Makes Time’s 100 Most Influential Person List

Tim Cook Makes Time’s 100 Most Influential Person List

Tim Cook Makes Time's 100 Most Influential Person List

Time Magazine just released a list of this year’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. Their list includes many names you will recognize (like Tim Cook, Tim Tebow, Kristen Wiig, and Adele) along with others you may not. The list includes a variety of successful people from various industries including business,  science, entertainment, athletics, and politics. The people mentioned in this list made a huge impact in society within the last year.  You can check out the entire list below:

Jeremy Lin 

Hedge Fund Launches Jump Despite Equity Market Declines

Last year was a bumper year for hedge fund launches. According to a Hedge Fund Research report released towards the end of March, 614 new funds hit the market in 2021. That was the highest number of launches since 2017, when a record 735 new hedge funds were rolled out to investors. What’s interesting about Read More

Christian Marclay 

Viola Davis 

Salman Khan 

Tim Tebow 

E.L. James 

Louis C.K. 


Marco Rubio 

Ali Ferzat 

Rene Redzepi 

Kristen Wiig 

Anthony Kennedy 

Novak Djokovic 

Ben Rattray 

Jessica Chastain 

 Yani Teseng 

Raphael Saadiq 

Elinor Ostrom 

Samira Ibrahim 

Jose Andres 

Ann Patchett 

Dulce Matuz 

Henrik Scharfe  

Freeman Hrabowski 

Maryam Durani 

Manal al-Sharif 

Anjali Gopalan 

Rached Ghannouchi 

Ron Fouchier 

Donald Sadoway 

Hans Rosling 

Asghar Farhadi 

Sarah Burton 


Pete Cashmore 

Cami Anderson 

Ali Babacan & Ahmet Davutoglu 

Ai-jen Poo 

Marc Andreeson 

Preet Bharara 

Robert Grant 

Andrew Lo 

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy 

Alexei Navalny 

Ray Dalio 

Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani 

Chelsea Handler 

Harvey Weinstein  

Chen Lihua 

Warren Buffett 

Alice Walton  

Harold Hamm 

Sheryl Sandberg 

Sara Blakely 

Eike Batista  

Tim Cook 

Daniel Ek 

Virginia Rometty 

Barack Obama 

Goodluck Jonathan 

Xi Jinping 

Fatou Bensouda  

Christine Lagarde 

Mario Draghi 

U Thein Sein 

Ayatullah Ali Khameni 

Mitt Romney 

Juan Manuel Santos 

Timothy Dolan 

Portia Simpson Miller 

Mario Monti 

Wang Yang 

Maria das Gracas Silva Foster 

Andrew Cuomo 

Iftikhar Chaudhry 

Mamata Banerjee 

Walter Isaacson 

Ron Paul 

Benjamin Netanyahu 

Dilma Rousseff 

Erik Martin 

Cecil Richards  

Angela Merkel 

Lionel Messi 

Tilda Swinton 

Hilary Clinton 

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge & Pippa Middleton 


Matt Lauer  

Oscar Pistorius  

Claire Danes 

Stephen Colbert 

Tim Cook Makes Time's 100 Most Influential Person List

One of the most notable person on this year’s list was Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. He took over the company last year before Steve Jobs passed away and although he has big shoes to fill, it’s apparent that Cook has already made a positive impact on the company. Al Gore, one of Apple’s key board members, wrote a piece for Time magazine explaining why Cook is so influential, citing his leadership skills and personal discipline as valuable traits.  It sounds like perhaps Apple’s current CEO could become a legend in his own right.

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