Sprint & AT&T Sells More iPhones Than The Sum Of All Other Smartphones

Sprint & AT&T Sells More iPhones Than The Sum Of All Other Smartphones

Did Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) take more market share from competitors in March? According to analyst Mike Walkley, the iPhone has been outselling all of its competitors at Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) and AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T). At Verizon Communication Inc. (NYSE:VZ), number of Android and iPhones being sold is about equal. Here is what Walkey said specifically about the dominating iPhone:

“Our March checks indicated the iPhone continues to extend its market share gains…we believe iPhones are outselling all other smartphones combined at Sprint and AT&T and selling at roughly equal volume to all Android smartphones at Verizon”

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Sprint & AT&T Sells More iPhones Than The Sum Of All Other Smartphones

This is great news for Apple obviously as they continue to dominate the mobile phone market by continuously innovating rather than being stuck in “neutral” like its competitors. Even Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II could not throw off the iPhone. At AT&T, the iPhone counts for approximately 80.8% of all smartphones sold during the last quarter of 2011. In January, the phone carrier said that it activated 7.6 million iPhones, which beat Verizon’s activation number of 4.2 million.

However, according to Nielsen, approximately 48% of all smartphone users own Androids while roughly 32% are iPhone users. All in all, this represents an opportunity for Apple. If only 32% of all smartphone users are iPhone customers, then that is a lot of growth potential for Apple. If they continue to release innovated products then they should easily be able to steal some more market share.

Even on a carrier to carrier basis, Apple dominates Sprint and AT&T but has a lot of room to grow with Verizon. If they can attract more Verizon customers, this contest could be in the bag.

Aside from the American mobile phone markets, Apple has been positioning itself to capitalize on other markets, particularly China. Apple CEO has recently made a trip to the country and held talks with the Chinese Vice Premier to talk about working conditions and free trade. In addition, Cook also went to the Foxconn, one of Apple’s suppliers to promote better working conditions and higher wages.

Apple continues to impress investors, media pundits and customers with their innovative products that are sweeping the world. The greatest part for Apple is, there is still a lot of market share to be had, even in the US. I suspect that Apple will be releasing some new surprising products later this year that will further justify its growth story across the world.

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