Will Tablets outsell PCs soon?

Will Tablets outsell PCs soon?

Timothy Cook, the CEO of Apple, predicts that some day tablets such as the iPad will out sell regular computers and laptops. His reasoning for this forecast has to do with the tremendous growth rates of the iPad and its popularity. Analysts recently are predicting that Apple will eventually phase out its Mac computers which began Apple’s stardom.

The tablet market is littered with competitors and it is a tough environment to succeed in unless you are Apple who is the undisputed leader of the tablet market. This week Apple will be introducing the iPad 3 which is expected to push Apple even further ahead of its competitors which is hard to believe considering how far ahead they are right now. The new iPad is expected to have a variety of new features and an even slimmer look. No doubt, Apple will be able to cash in greatly on the new release.

Things are going great for Apple right now, last week they hit the $500 billion market cap which puts them above Poland, Spain and a number of countries in terms of value, the stock is hitting all time highs, the new iPad is being revealed this week, new iPhone is expected later this year, the list goes on. Apple critics believed the company would falter once the founder and icon, Steve Jobs passed away. Yet, Apple continues to power ahead and impress customers and analysts alike.

The new Apple appears to be moving away from the traditional Mac and iPod which were the company’s staple products and got their cult following going, to more updated products such as the iPhone and iPad. However, it appears Apple could be going further. Interesting movement within the company lately has analysts up at night because it appears that Apple may be trying to move into other markets such as TV and cable. It is not confirmed however speculation was stirred again last week when Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple was going to be knocking people’s socks off this year with a variety of new products coming out. Unfortunately, Cook did not go into specifics but it appears that Apple has more than a new iPad and iPhone planned for this year which would propel the company even higher in market cap and share price. Apple is an innovative company that will continue to impress and dominate markets as long as they exist.