China Is The First Country To Have 1 Billion Mobile Phone Users

China Is The First Country To Have 1 Billion Mobile Phone Users

Economic Experts give examples of economic growth in China, some say China has the best army, we hear a lot of things about China in every day news, but today there is something unique and new about China.

According to the government statistics, China has now become the first country in the world to reach 1 billion mobile phone subscribers. In the last month of February the number of mobile phone subscribers reached 997 million in China, and was expected to get one billion by month’s end.

TechWireAsia has its own way of describing this news, the news site wrote:

China phone subscribers reached 951.6 million October last year with additional 39 million users per quarter. Based on that and recent growth rates, the total number of users has surpassed a billion sometime during this month. We can say it’s around 74 percent of its total population — 1.35 billion people — owns a mobile phone.

By looking at the persistently increasing rate of mobile phone subscribers in China, one can assume that this remaining 26 percent gap will soon be filled in the coming few months.

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