Walter Schloss a close friend of Warren Buffet dies at 95

Walter Schloss, a very close friend of Warren Buffett, who learned lessons directly from the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, has died.

According to his son Edwin, He died of leukemia at the age of 95, this Sunday at his home in Manhattan.

While Walter Schloss was not nearly as well known as other investors such as Warren Buffett, but Schloss was undoubtedly one of the best investors ever. Like Buffett, Schloss was a direct student of Graham, and is one of  “Super Investors” mentioned by Warren Buffett in his famous essay The Super Investors of Graham-And-Doddsville (required reading for all Value Walk readers, it is free and can be found on the link above).

To pay him tribute Valuewalk presents you his resource page – an investopedia of Walter Schloss. In this page you can read almost everything about him – his investment records, the investment philosophy of great Walter Schloss, famous quotes by Walter Schloss, Books about Walter Schloss and News links about Walter Schloss etc.

Here it is:

Walter Schloss Resource Page