Caxton International Limited Up 0.57% For January

Caxton International Limited Up 0.57% For January

Caxton International Limited, run by legendary hedge fund manager, Bruce Kovner, returned 0.57% for the month of January 2012. For 2011, Caxton International had a return of 0.70%.

The fund has returned 14.4% annually since inception in February 1997. Current assets under management is slightly over $7 billion.

Kovner remains concerned about the European sovereign crisis, noting that the 1 trillion euro LTRO is  to approximately 80% of 2012-13 European bank bond maturities.

Greenlight breaks even for Q1 after damage to its short book [Full Letter]

david einhorn, reading, valuewalk, internet, investment research, Greenlight Capital, hedge funds, Greenlight Masters, famous hedge fund owners, big value investors, websites, books, reading financials, investment analysis, shortselling, investment conferences, shorting, short biasDavid Einhorn's Greenlight Capital was down 0.1% for the first quarter, underperforming the S&P 500's 6.2% return. In their letter to investors, which was reviewed by ValueWalk, the Greenlight team said a lot happened during the first quarter even though they made just a handful of changes to the portfolio and essentially broke even. Q1 Read More

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