Did the Internet get it wrong in Iowa?[INFOGRAPH]

Our analysis earlier this week described Iowa as the first truly ‘social’ primary inron paul image this year’s Presidential race. But – along with other studies – indications about voting intention based on analysis of the candidates’ social media performance proved premature. Whilst the candidate’s social profiles certainly are very different, it’s still not clear how this figures into the merry mix of political marketing techniques. The infographic below compares each candidate’s share of the vote and some of the key social media metrics published in the weeks leading up to 3 January and concludes that the winner in terms of predicting the result in Iowa was… …the mainstream news media. Maybe the professionals know a thing or two after all?


Source: http://www.sociagility.com/2012/01/did-the-internet-get-it-wrong-in-iowa-infographic/

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