11 Biggest Sponsorship Deals for Crypto Market in 2021

11 Biggest Sponsorship Deals for Crypto Market in 2021

A perfect match between sports and crypto

After global pandemic cryptocurrency platforms scored an enormous growth. On the contrary sports industry is looking to revitalize and recover.


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The article references 11 top partnerships and interesting facts surrounding these exchanges, such as Formula 1 and Crypto.com with a 5-year signed contract worth $100 million or even more astonishing 10-year sponsorship deal for a staggering $175 million between Crypto.com and UFC. UFC has existed already for over two decades, but it has never signed such a significant deal as this with a huge payday and a sponsor name on their fighter kit.

The Biggest Crypto Sponsorships In 2021

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  1. Formula 1 and Crypto.com
  2. Inter Milan and Socios
  3. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Crypto.com
  4. UEFA European Championship and Antchain
  5. TSM (Team SoloMid) and FTX
  6. Valencia and Socios
  7. Miami Heat and FTX
  8. PSG and Crypto.com
  9. Inter Milan and Zytara Labs/DigitalBits
  10. AS Roma and Zytara Labs/DigitalBits
  11. Portland Trail Blazers and StormX

Other biggest partnerships unveiled in this article include:

  • Inter Milan and Socios
  • UEFA European Championship and Antchain
  • TSM (Team SoloMid) and FTX
  • Valencia and Socios
  • Miami Heat and FTX
  • PSG and Crypto.com
  • Inter Milan and Zytara Labs/DigitalBits
  • AS Roma and Zytara Labs/DigitalBits
  • Portland Trail Blazers and StormX

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