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10 Ways to Improve Your Sales Performance (Infographic)

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One of the most sought-after outcomes for many businesses is reaching its annual or monthly sales quota. This is essential especially within the first three years of the start of a business. The Australian Bureau of Statistics determines that more than 60% of small businesses cease operations during this period for failure to meet with their sales quota, which is essential to a positive return of investment and get back the capital invested in the company.

Experts point out that one of the reasons these organizations fail is the lack of clear strategy and proper training on the overall operations – including their business’ sales. Many companies are still clueless, let alone unsuccessful, on making their sales strategy perform well in tightly-competitive digital age. This might describe your company as well, and it’s understandable if you are desperate for answers on how to improve your business’ sales performance.

Sales inefficiency within your business can trickle deep down and can lead to serious consequences if they are not addressed immediately and strategically. It’s imperative that problems with meeting sales to get the business back on track and cement its sales footing, especially with the competition that has surfaced in recent years.

Here’s the key points takeaway from the infographic on how you can improve your sales performance:

  1. Provide rigorous training and follow-ups
  2. Inspire them
  3. Know the key strengths of each team member
  4. Hold them accountable for what they do
  5. Provide your sales team with better data
  6. Conduct regular one-on-one meetings
  7. Have a holistic view of the customers
  8. Process; don’t over-engineer it
  9. Lead nurturing and scoring
  10. Make sure that sales, customer service, and marketing are integrated

To learn more about these ways and how you can implement it with your business to ensure your sales performance gets better, check out this infographic by Healthy Business Builder.

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