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Mario Gabelli is an American stock investor,

investment advisor and financial analyst

His approach to investing is very intuitive and interesting. Therefore, he contradicts academicians every so often. The concept of a “catalyst” is an intellectual and reasonable approach to the investment market

one of the nation’s most successful and powerful mutual fund managers; his company, Gamco Investors, formerly Gabelli Asset Management, has huge stakes in some of the world’s largest media companies, including Time Warner and Viacom.


Net Worth:                                $1.0 billion

Fortune:                                     Self Made

Source:                                      money management

Age:                                          68

Country of Citizenship:            United States

Residence:                                 New York, New York

Marital Status:                           Married, 4 children


One Corporate Center
Rye, New York 10580-1422
United States
Phone: 914-921-5100
Fax: 914-921-5392


Fordham University, Bachelor of Arts / Science
Columbia University, Master of Business Administration

Doctorate Roger Williams University


Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer Value Portfolios

Gamco Investors, Inc.

Rye, NY


Officer since April 1998

Mario J. Gabelli has served as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Investment Officer Value Portfolios and a director of the Company since November 1976. In connection with those responsibilities, he serves as director or trustee of registered investment companies managed by the Company and its affiliates. Mr. Gabelli also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of the Value Team of GAMCO Asset Management Inc., the Company wholly owned subsidiary. Mr. Gabelli has been a portfolio manager for Teton Advisors, Inc. since 1998 through the present, an asset management company that was spun-off from the Company in March 2009. Mr. Gabelli has served as Chairman of LICT Corporation a public company engaged in broadband transport and other services, from 2004 to present. He is the Chief Executive Officer of LICT since 2010, director of CIBL, Inc., a holding company with operations in broadcasting and wireless telecommunications, from 2007 to present and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Group Holdings, Inc., a public holding company, from 2001 to present. Mr. Gabelli has been a director of RLJ Acquisition, Inc., since November 2010, a blank check company formed for effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. In addition, Mr. Gabelli is the Chief Executive Officer, a director and the controlling shareholder of GGCP, Inc., a private company that owns a majority of our Class B Stock, and the Chairman of MJG Associates, Inc., which acts as an investment manager of various investment funds and other accounts. Mr. Gabelli serves as Overseer of Columbia University Graduate School of Business and Trustee of Boston College and Roger Williams University. He also serves as Director of The Winston Churchill Foundation, The E. L. Wiegand Foundation, The American-Italian Cancer Foundation and The Foundation for Italian Art & Culture. He is also Chairman of the Gabelli Foundation, Inc., a Nevada private charitable trust.


Former Governor: American Stock Exchange LLC

Former Director: East/West Communications, Inc.

Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of Lynch Interactive and Vice Chairman of Lynch Corporation, Morgan Group Holding Co.

Trustee: Boston College

Trustee: Fairfield University

Trustee: E.L. Wiegand Foundation

Director: National Italian American Foundation

Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer of value portfolios, GAMCO Asset Management, Inc.

Trustee: The Gabelli Dividend Growth Fund

Director: GAMCO Global Series Funds, Inc – GAMCO Global Opportunity Fund

Trustee: Gamco Mathers Fund

Director: Gamco International Growth Fund, Inc

Chairperson, President, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

Gabelli Capital Series Funds, Inc. – Gabelli Capital Asset Fund

Director: Gabelli Gold Fund, Inc.

Director: GAMCO Global Series Funds, Inc. – GAMCO Global Growth Fund

Trustee: Gamco Growth Fund

Former Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Investment Officer

Variable Portfolio – Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value Fund

Former Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Investment Officer

GAM Funds, Inc. – GAM Gabelli Long/Short

Former Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of value portfolios

EQ Advisors Trust – EQ/GAMCO Small Company Value Portfolio

Former Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer of value portfolios

EQ Advisors Trust – EQ/GAMCO Mergers and Acquisitions Portfolio


Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer of Value Portfolio, Portfolio Manager, and Member of Nominating Committee, GAMCO Investors, Inc.


Former Vice Chairman, Member of the Advisory Board and Member of Executive Committee the LGL Group, Inc.


Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager, Chairman of Gamco Investors Inc. and Chief Executive Officer of Gamco Investors Inc

Gabelli Equity Trust, Inc.


Chairperson, Chief Investment Officer and Member of Pricing Committee

Gabelli Convertible & Income Securities Fund Inc.


Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager, Member of Ad Hoc Pricing Committee and Chief Executive Officer of Gabelli Asset Management

Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc


Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Executive Committee

LICT Corporation


Chairperson, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

Gabelli Utility Trust



Bal Rivgam Wireless Inc


Chairperson, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer of Value Portfolios of Gabelli Funds LLC, Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust


Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager and Trustee The GDL Fund


Chairperson, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager and Member of Pricing Committee

The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Rx Trust


Chairperson of the Board

Gabelli Entertainment & Telecommunications Acquisition Corp.


Spinnaker Industries Inc.

American Stock Exchange LLC

The LGL Group, Inc.

GAMCO Investors, Inc.

East/West Communications, Inc.

Bal Rivgam Wireless Inc

Columbia Business School

Morgan Group Holding Co.

Gabelli Equity Trust, Inc.

Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc

Gabelli Convertible & Income Securities Fund Inc.

Gabelli Utility Trust

HealthpointCapital, LLC

Boston College

Fordham University

Fairfield University

Roger Williams University

E.L. Wiegand Foundation

Caymus Partners LLC

Gabelli Funds, LLC

National Italian American Foundation

GAMCO Asset Management, Inc.

Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust

The Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust

GAMCO Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust by Gabelli

Teton Advisors, Inc

GGCP, Inc.

GAMCO Global Series Funds, Inc. – The GAMCO Vertumnus Fund

The Gabelli Dividend Growth Fund

Gabelli Equity Series Funds, Inc. – Gabelli Equity Income Fund

GAMCO Global Series Funds, Inc – GAMCO Global Opportunity Fund

GAMCO Westwood Funds – GAMCO Westwood Mighty Mites Fund

Gamco Mathers Fund

Gamco International Growth Fund, Inc.

GAMCO Global Series Funds, Inc. – GAMCO Global Telecommunications Fund

Gabelli Value Fund Inc.

Gabelli Asset Fund

Gabelli Investor Funds, Inc. – Gabelli ABC Fund

Gabelli Capital Series Funds, Inc. – Gabelli Capital Asset Fund

Gabelli Gold Fund, Inc.

GAMCO Global Series Funds, Inc. – GAMCO Global Growth Fund

Gabelli Equity Series Funds, Inc. – Gabelli Small Cap Growth Fund

Gamco Growth Fund

Gabelli Utilities Fund

Skandia Global Funds Plc – Skandia US All Cap Value Fund

EQ Advisors Trust – EQ/GAMCO Mergers and Acquisitions

RiverSource Partners Select Value Fund

Axp Progressive Fund, Inc.

EQ/GAMCO Small Company Value Fund

Variable Portfolio – Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value Fund

Gabelli 787 Fund, Inc. – Gabelli Enterprise Mergers and Acquisitions Fund

GAM Funds, Inc. – GAM Gabelli Long/Short

Advanced Series Trust – AST Mid-Cap Value Portfolio

The GDL Fund

Idex Gabelli Global Growth

MONY Variable Account A Variable Annuity – Enterprise Acc Small Company Value

EQ Advisors Trust – EQ/GAMCO Small Company Value Portfolio

MONY America Variable Account L Custom Estate Master – Enterprise Small Co. Value Subaccount

MONY Var Acc L Var Uni Life – Enterprise Small Company Value Subaccount

MONY Var Acc L Survivorship Var Uni Life – Enterprise Small Company Value

EQ Advisors Trust – EQ/GAMCO Mergers and Acquisitions Portfolio

The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Rx Trust

Greenwich PMV Acquisition Corp.

Gabelli Entertainment & Télécommunications Acquisition Corp.

GAMCO International SICAV – GAMCO Strategic Value Fund


He is the son of Italian immigrants in the Bronx. His dad was a cook. As a high school student, Gabelli spent his summers working as a golf caddy at Winged Foot and Sunningdale in Westchester, where he often listened in on conversations about the stock market. At Fordham, he proved himself a well-informed entrepreneur. When power brownouts hit New York, he sold flashlights from the trunk of his car. He says he was first turned on to value investing as a student at Columbia Business School, and after graduating he covered the auto industry at brokerage firm Loeb Rhodes, taking over for Michael Steinhardt. Gabelli went out at his own accord and opened a money-management firm in 1977, introducing his first mutual fund a decade later. His timing could not have been better. As he rode the ’80s bull market, he also became a TV celebrity when the financial media was just getting off the ground. The exposure both fed his ego and helped him promote his funds, landing him thousands of eager new investors.

Gabelli’s second wife is Regina Pitaro, a managing director at his company. It is her second marriage as well. He has four children with his first wife, Elaine. The Gabellis lives in the exclusive Belle View enclave of Greenwich. They also own a home in Moose, Wyoming where he goes fly-fishing and a 500-year-old farmhouse near Reggio Emilia, Italy, which has been in his family for generations.


Gabelli is perhaps the most highly compensated mutual fund manager in history until he took his company public in 1991; he had taken home an astonishing 20 percent of the firm’s pretax profits. Only after underwriters balked at the arrangement did he agree to limit it to 10 percent going forward. That kind of compensation strikes many as ironic, given Gabelli’s history as a corporate governance crusader. In 2007, he took home $70.9 million, up 22 percent from the year before. He was worth $1.1 billion in 2006, according to Forbes. Although Gabelli still oversees $27 billion in assets, that figure has dwindled along with performance, and fund-rating outfit Morningstar now awards the group a miserable “D” rating. Why he slipped down there are reasons. Former employees have described him as a control freak that refuses to cede power over portfolios to the managers nominally in charge of them. He reportedly still serves as chief stock-picker for all of his firm’s portfolios and his high fees have turned off investors. His reputation has also been tarnished by several legal battles. In July 2006, he paid a $130 million fine to settle charges he created fake companies to bid for wireless phone licenses, and he settled a separate case to the tune of $100 million with two investors who claimed he had deprived them of what would have been hefty profits.


  1. 4In March 2006, a judge awarded partial summary judgment in favor of claims that Gabelli had unfairly prevented investors Frederick Mancheski and David Perlmutter from selling their shares in Gabelli Group Capital Partners at fair market prices. In the ensuing settlement, Gabelli paid the two investors an estimated $100 million, including $80 million in GAMCO shares and approximately $20 million in cash.
  2. In 2001, whistleblower Rufus Taylor III filed a civil lawsuit against several companies owned by Gabelli, alleging fraudulent practices in FCC auctions between 1995 and 2000. In those auctions, the government set aside cell phone licenses to be sold to small businesses. Taylor’s lawsuit said that Gabelli used more than twelve “sham” startup companies to meet the requirements of a small business applicant in the auctions and acquire the licenses at a small business discount, sometimes up to 25% off the high winning bid in the auction. The lawsuit allegations claim Gabelli and the “sham” companies were fraudulent because Gabelli had de facto control over the companies and had wealth that far exceeded the ceiling of the small business criteria, which would disqualify an applicant from the small business discount auctions. Thus, by filing an application with the Federal government, much like filing a tax return with the Internal Revenue Service, one is certifying the truth and authenticity contained in the document(s), which if false, is a potential Federal crime, never mind a cause for a civil lawsuit like the Taylor “whistleblower” lawsuit against Gabelli. The suit was put under seal for years and kept silent while the plaintiff and attorneys pursued their case, the government and Justice Department stood on the sideline and did not take up the suit for the American public. Little information about the quiet suit reached the media, in a time of Enron scandal in the headlines, even though the suit sought almost half one billion U.S. dollars in damages from Gabelli and the defendants. The “whistleblower” actually was an attorney who once worked in the telecommunications business for Gabelli companies’ competitor Adelphia.


One of Gabellis great investment themes is the notion of time and place. You can be anywhere, anytime. The distribution of information is going through a major change. Some countries are getting it first time; some are finding new ways to communicate. On the copyright side, he looks for things that travel well like music, MTV, jazz, films, sports, news and entertainment. Gabelli looks for a “catalyst” which will help narrow the “private market value” and the stock price to give him a rate of return within a definable time. The “catalyst” is an important part of what pulls the investment trigger some mechanical and arithmetic exercises. Examples of “catalyst” are change in regulation, divorce or death of a founder, family block that wants a change in their tax situation. It is no use if a stock trades at $1 when the private market value is $2, and in ten years the stock trades at $1.5 and the private market value is still $2. What you want is the private market value grows at least faster than inflation plus a hurdle rate.

Gabelli employs a research driven and value oriented approach to investment analysis. For the analysis of stocks, he implemented the theory of value investing, which he had learnt at Columbia University. He developed a metric of his own known as “private market value” (PMV). His proprietary Private Market Value with a catalyst methodology is a widely used analytical tool for value investors. This valuation metric places greater emphasis on analyzing a company’s cash flows and gives less importance to accounting profits. PMV means the price that a potential buyer would be willing to pay if she was to acquire the entire company, incorporating any synergies and premium for control. This method of valuing a company was extensively used in the analysis of LBO transactions (leveraged buyouts), whereby entire company is taken private by using borrowed funds. The methodology used in calculating PMV is often different from the standard way of measuring the value of public companies.

Mario Gabelli, like other value investors, seeks to identify stocks that are selling at a substantial discount to their private market value making them undervalued by the market. Usually, but not always, these stock are selling at low valuation multiples. This approach to investing, in sharp contrast to “momentum investing” which solely looks at earnings growth, tends to give importance to price as well. Typically, value investors search for growth at a reasonable price. According to them “price” is what they pay and “value” is what they get and the two may not be same at all times. Value investors contend that “growth” maybe mispriced in the market and as such one doesn’t want to buy stocks of growing companies at unjustifiably high prices. At the same time stocks with low price multiples maybe cheap that could simply be because of poor or deteriorating fundamentals. Mere fact that a stock is trading at a low valuation multiple does not make it an attractive buying opportunity. In either case, spotting a good buying opportunity requires rigorous research and this is what Gabelli is good at. Stocks with low multiples and high multiples need to be investigated relative to the peer group or the industry to which they belong before concluding whether they are overvalued, undervalued or appropriately valued.

Gabelli’s views regarding market efficiency seem to contradict academics. He does not believe in market efficiency that asserts that market prices of securities reflect all the available information and therefore price of a security always equals its intrinsic value. If that truly was the case there would be no way to make money in the market. He believes that price may not equal intrinsic value at all times and markets present moneymaking opportunities to those who have the ability to conduct thorough bottom-up research on stocks. Bargains can be found by digging deeper. The deeper you dig the better are your chances of spotting companies with good fundamentals yet selling at amazing discounts to their true value.

Gabelli’s approach to investing is very intuitive and appealing. The notion of a “catalyst” is an intelligent and sensible approach to the market.


  1. “I think the real bargains are what they would call the smaller, ignored and unloved companies.”
  2. “The reason it’s important is that that’s the key to unwinding some of their cable assets, that is, to sell to U S West New Media some of their cable properties in exchange for more flexibility in the corporate structure.”
  3. “I think we’re going from a market that’s driven by momentum and driven by a flow of funds to a stock picker’s market. That’s going to provide very good opportunities for those that are focused on given areas.”
  4. “You’re issuing 13 percent of Disney (stock) to buy a company that has a good record but a small company. I’m in the camp that says it may not be that necessary.”
  5. “It goes to show you he has a comfort factor with the power he has at Disney.”
  6. “I have to echo the comments of those who would argue this plan is dead on arrival. It has no zip to it. We need to see something else.”
  7. “I like existing management’s plan for the company but that doesn’t mean we know how we’re going to vote yet.”
  8. “Investors should think about this as an enhanced money-market return.”
  9. “I’m delighted to deal with an entity that knows the facts.”



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